FDL activists raised $1,600 in less than 1 week to send Max and Kate Kiriakou to summer camp

Charlie, Heather, Kate and Max Kiriakou with the camp check from FDL

Last week, I wrote about how CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou and his family have suffered as a result of his incarceration, particularly his 5  children.

We began the Kiriakou Campaign Fund to raise money for our activism and reporting efforts on behalf of the family, who we’ve supported here at Firedoglake since his arrest back in 2012. The fund’s first project was to give two of John’s kids, Max and Kate, a bit of an escape this summer by raising $1,600 to send them both to summer camp.

We were excited to achieve our goal over the weekend, but not nearly as excited as Max and Kate when they found out what you all did for them. Check out this e-mail we received from Heather Kiriakou this morning.

Jane & Brian,

Max and Kate jumped for joy and screamed at the top of their lungs when I told them that daddy’s friends are giving them each 2 weeks at day camp this summer. They immediately went to their drawers to try on swim suits and then they sat in their bedroom to dream up summer adventures with friends. Max chose a Lego camp and Kate chose a camp at which she can learn how to do handiwork crafts. When I told John about this amazing surprise, he said, “Thank you to Firedoglake for the overwhelming and generous gift for my family. It makes my days in Loretto so much easier knowing that there are people who really care about my children and are willing to make personal sacrifices to mitigate the impact of my absence on them.”

Thank you so, so much!

xo Heather

We’re using the additional funds collected for this campaign for upcoming actions in support of the Kiriakou’s, including our May 9th Day of Action and other very exciting efforts which we will be announcing shortly. Until then, thanks again for supporting the Kiriakou’s, and please consider chipping in a few dollars to the Kiriakou Campaign Fund in support of more important actions like this one.

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