Firedoglake is raising money to send CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou’s two children, Max & Kate (above), to summer camp.

While we’re fighting for John Kiriakou, there’s something special we can do for his family: we can send two of his children to summer camp.

One of the major reasons why we want to help move John to a halfway house as soon as possible is so he can be close to his family. It’s one of the main reasons why John accepted a plea deal for a reduced sentence of 30 months in prison.

But John’s long and painful battle has not only cost him his freedom; it’s drained his savings, taken his home and placed an unimaginable burden upon his wife and 5 young children.

We’ve been in close contact with the Kiriakous since John’s arrest in 2012, and when we asked what else we could do to help, they told us it would be great if we could pitch in $1,600 to send their 2 oldest kids, Max and Kate, to summer camp.

We loved the idea, so we’re setting up a John Kiriakou campaign fund to raise money in support of efforts on behalf of the Kiriakou family like this one.

Can you please donate $10 or more to the John Kiriakou campaign fund and help us send Max and Kate Kiriakou to summer camp?

While we can tell you the Kiriakous are a very tough and resilient bunch, having your family so unnecessarily and unfairly ripped apart can take a toll on anyone — especially young children.

In a recent email, Heather wrote, “I think it would make a big difference for them, having the chance to get out of the house and have something to look forward to during their break from school. I am so proud of their resilience, but I can also see how John’s absence and their lack of control in all of this is wearing on them.”

This is a simple but impactful action we can take right now to make life a little easier for the Kiriakou’s. As we continue our fight to have John transferred to a halfway house for the full 9 months he was promised, please consider donating whatever you can to help us give the Kiriakou kids a brief respite from the pain and suffering they’ve endured watching their father unjustly imprisoned and their family life turned upside down. Please consider giving what you can to our John Kiriakou campaign fund and help us support the family with efforts like this one.