Americans have now had direct experience with the coverage expansion provision in the Affordable Care Act for a full two months and during this time disapproval of the law actually increased. According to Gallup, disapproval of the law is now tied with its all time low. From Gallup:

Trend: Americans' Views of the Affordable Care Act

While the government data indicates a few million of Americans have gained coverage via Medicaid expansion or the exchanges, there has been basically no change in the number of people who say the law has benefited them. Only 10 percent of Americans say the law has helped them or their families, which is less than the 12 percent who claimed the law helped them back in 2012. On the other hand, the number of people who think the law has hurt them personally has slowly edged up since implementation began, from 19 percent to 23 percent.

Politically this is a complete disaster for Democrats. This was the last big opportunity to really turn the polling around on this issue. The party had long hoped that once people directly experienced the law they would fall in love with it and that would shift opinion in its favor. Instead, opposition has remain stable or even increased slightly.

It is probably safe to now predict disapproval of the law will remain very high during the 2014 election. That will make three election cycles the law has been a problem for Democrats.