The one silver lining: Paul Ryan says a “grand bargain” to cut Social Security is dead for a few years.

The Murray-Ryan budget deal is set to pass in the Senate after winning approval in the House last week. Tuesday morning the bill cleared an important procedural vote 67-33 effectively assuring it will be approved in a final vote later this week.

There is not much positive to say about this budget deal except for that fact that it helps temporarily kill the push for a grand bargain. The previous pushes for a grand bargain to cut Social Security have all focused around hyping some government funding deadlines or the debt limit as some artificial crisis to justify forcing through some very unpopular proposals.

With the budget dealt with for over a year and Obama taking a principled stance to never negotiate over the debt limit again the chances of another grand bargain push are very small.

Even Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that the grand bargain push is likely dead for several years.

WALLACE: Do you come away, in 30 seconds, thinking a grand bargain is possible or that the differences on basic principles, entitlement cuts, tax revenue increases, just too big?

RYAN: Chris, I don’t think with this president or this Senate we’re going to have something like that. That’s why I think we need to win a couple of elections.

This, I believe, helps us better do that. It’s good for the country. It allows us to focus on our ObamaCare oversight. It allows us to focus on laying out our conservative vision in 2014.

This is the one silver lining in the deal.

Image by Donkey Hotey under Creative Commons license