health careThe problem with approving a very difficult-to-explain health care reform law while making promises that are incomplete, exaggerated and impossible to fulfill is that you end up owning the entire health care system. This is exactly what has happened to Democrats and it is dragging down support for the Affordable Care Act.

A new AP-GfK poll found almost half of the people with employer provided coverage say their plans are changing next year, mostly for the worse with things like higher deductibles and/or premiums.

Among this group, 76 percent blame the ACA for these changes. These increases are mainly the result of the trends that pre-dated the ACA, but Democrats are in a very difficult place politically because the ACA is not entirely blameless. New regulations and taxes have played some role in increasing cost-sharing for many. This really hurts because when President Obama was trying to sell his plan he was promising regular people they would see a large cut in their premiums.

Support for the law is now at the lowest ever in AP-GfK’s polling. Only 27 percent of Americans support the law while 44 percent oppose it. As the website improves I would expect support to recover somewhat, but the political problems with the law extend beyond IT issues.