The latest Obamacare enrollment numbers for November from the Department of Health and Human Services are a mixed bag for the administration.

On the plus side the exchanges are working better and this is helping to increase the number of people selecting plans. Over 360,000 people selected a private insurance plan on one of the exchanges in the first two month, with 227,478 selecting plans on the state run exchanges and 137,204 selecting plans on the federal

This means the rate at which people have been signing up has more than doubled since October when only about 100,000 had selected plans on all of the exchanges, but this is still dramatically below where the administration once expected to be at this point.

The real good news is  Medicaid expansion. Even though only half the states are talking part, roughly 800,000 people have been determined eligible for Medicaid/CHIP in the past two months. This has always been the best part of the law.

Simply providing people with a public insurance program is much easier than creating a highly complex marketplace and trying coerce people to use it.

Photo by Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons license