American tech companies are seeing markets disappear as countries seek to avoid NSA snooping

Beyond on the moral and civil rights argument against the NSA’s extreme surveillance programs, there is an economic argument steadily gaining in prominence. The United States has long been the symbolic, innovative and physical heart of the internet but now that is being truly threatened thanks to the NSA.

Large countries like Brazil, India and Germany are seriously looking at ways to reduce American influence over their own Internet communications to cut the NSA out. This would not just reduce the reach of the NSA it would also hurt American internet companies and our nation’s economy.

With their markets at stake Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are finally organizing a real push to reform the NSA. Eight of the largest tech companies are going to start lobbying Congress and running ads aimed at putting new restrictions on government surveillance. Given their business practices I don’t believe these companies really care about individual privacy on some ideological grounds, but I do trust they are very concerned about their bottom line and the NSA is now messing with that.

Morality doesn’t always move Washington but money usually does.