A CBS poll shows Obama approval ratings are at their lowest point in his presidency

We now have near universal agreement across several pollsters that President Obama’s approval ratings are at their  lowest point so far in his presidency. Today a new CBS News pollhas also found Obama’s job approval ratings to be at their lowest point.

Only 37 percent of Americans now approve of how Obama is handling his job, according to the CBS News poll, while 57 percent disapprove. This is a huge 9 point drop since last month when 46 percent approved of Obama’s job performance. What should concern Democrats is that there has been a huge loss of confidence among Independents. His job approval rating with this group is only 29 percent.

Support for his signature health care law has also dropped sharply, going down 12 points in the last month. At this point only 31 percent approve of the Affordable Care Act while 61 percent disapprove of the law. Opinions about the law had remains almost unmoved for years but that has finally changed now that the law is being implemented.

The administration has completely bungled their onc chance to make a second first impression.