Obama would like to thank Ted Cruz for distracting from the Obamacare website’s problems

Now that the government shutdown is over the media is really focused on the numerous problems with the Obamacare roll out. On Politico, New York Times, and Washington Post and Huffington Post the top stories right now are all about health care reform and the problems with the new exchanges. The issues have gotten so bad the President Obama feels he needs to publicly address the issue today.

The disastrous health care rollout will likely be the big story for at least the next week, and we are finally getting a sense of what the top story would have been for the last month if Republicans hadn’t shut down the government.

Given that problems with the exchanges are still a front page story three weeks later, it just highlights just how badly Republicans shot themselves in the foot. October could have easily been one of their best months this year. They effortlessly could have spun it as one long “I told you so.”  Instead they decided to needlessly create a government shutdown on the exact same day as the Obamacare rollout. They actively took all the attention off the problems with the law they claimed to be fighting against. There was probably only one thing the Republicans could have to make themselves appears even more disfunctional than the Obama administration at this particular moment, and that is exactly what they decided to do.