Speaker of the House ohn Boehner

John Boehner proves he has almost no political power

With the default deadline only a day away the crisis is now ripe. This means Boehner can finally put an end to this silliness.

What happened is that a small group of conservatives in the House and Senate demanded Speaker John Boehner back a “defund Obamacare” strategy he knew was stupid and unworkable. Boehner should have stopped this strategy before it started but he is too weak in his own party, too desperate to hold on to his fancy title and too cowardly a politician to have ever done that.

Instead Boehner decided to try the conservatives’ stupid strategy to prove to them it can’t work. Yet to show them it can’t work he needed to do everything he could to try to actually make it work, including holding out right up to the deadline. If he only half-assed the strategy that would have proved nothing to conservatives.

Now that Boehner has tried as hard as he can, he finally has an excuse to fold by bringing a clean bill to the floor. Boehner basically let the government shut down for three weeks, did significant damage to the economy, showed his own weakness and destroyed his party’s brand just to try to hold on to his position. A position that is almost meaningless because he has prove he has almost no actual power. He preferred to let all these things happen rather than stand up to the roughly 50 Tea Party members in his caucus.

Pathetic is too kind of a word.