Cruz Votes to End His Own Fake Filibuster

The perfect end to Sen. Ted Cruz’s performance act fake filibuster was him actually joining the rest of the Senate in supporting cloture. Basically Cruz voted to end his own filibuster.

It was a vote to end the debate on whether or not to start the debate the continuing resolution. This is the debate Cruz was pretending to filibuster. The roughly 21 hours Cruz was talking was time that had according to the Senate had to be wasted anyway since there was not unanimous consent. He achieved nothing and even voted against the possibility allowing himself or others to keep talking.

It is a beautifully absurd end to an amazing display of how insane and incomprehensible the rules of the Senate are.

It was pure theater but at least Cruz had the decency to read some great books while he was doing it. I hope Cruz’s public recital of the classic ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ on the Senate floor will soon be turned into an audiobook.

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