The American people continue to grow more concerned about the NSA the more they learn about the extent of the agency’s activities. According to a new Pew poll 56 percent believe the federal courts have failed to provide adequate limits on domestic surveillance programs. From Pew:

Perceptions of the Governments Data Collection Program

The poll also found that young people are most concerned about the NSA. By a two-to-one margin young people think the bigger concern is that the government’s anti-terrorism programs are undermining civil liberties rather than they are not doing enough to keep us safe. Quite possibly,  most technically savvy generation has a better understanding of just how much the government can learn from a person’s metadata.

Young People More Concerned that Anti-Terror Policies Go Too Far in Restricting Civil Liberties

This growing concern among young people about civil liberties under President Obama could be part of what is hurting his approval ratings. Young people have traditionally been one of the groups which most strongly supported him.