Chained CPI Benefit cut chart

There is yet another poll showing that a majority of Americans oppose President Obama’s efforts to cut Social Security benefits by adopting the chained-CPI. According to a new AP-GfK poll, 54 percent oppose “changing the way Social Security benefits are calculated so that annual increases are smaller.” It found only 26 percent favor this idea.

Importantly, this is probably the most generous way to ask about the change. It does not call it a cut. It does not indicate the “annual increase” is only meant to keep benefits growing at the rate of inflation. It doesn’t say that this change would also be a regressive middle class tax increase. Yet despite asking the question in the most positive way possible, it still found the idea is opposed by a two-to-one margin. The American people do not want this.

The poll also found that American people overwhelmingly think raising the Medicare age would be a bad idea. Only  30 percent favor gradually raising the age while 59 percent oppose it.

While our political leaders still seem to be enamored with making old people poorer, it is good to see the American people have roundly rejected two of the worst ideas proposed in Washington.