Sequester Blame Game Results in a Draw

barack obama
President Barack Obama

The month long effort to blame the other side for the sequester basically ended in a draw. A new CBS News poll finds that only slightly more Americans blame Congressional Republicans than blame the Democrats for failing to reach an agreement.

It found 38 percent of Americans blame Republicans, while 33 percent blame Democrats. An additional 19 percent blame both sides equally. The Democrats only have an advantage in this poll question because their base is slightly more one-sided in their blame.

If you look at only Independents, they are blame both sides equally. The poll found 33 percent of Independents blame the GOP, 31 percent blaming Democrats, and 24 blame both sides.

President Obama’s effort to try to force the GOP into a deal by building popular pressure against them with dire warnings appears to have failed. It is possible that opinions could change in a month when the impact of the sequester is felt more fully, but currently Congressional Republicans are not really feeling the heat.

Photo by Christopher Dilts released under Creative Commons License 

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