Most elected Democrats think the across-the-board sequestration cuts are a bad idea. Defense-minded Republicans are very concerned about the impact of the cuts. Multiple industries and many federal employees are worried about significant job losses. Basically all of the sane economists believe implementing this level of austerity in the middle of the weak economy would be a terrible decision. So the right thing to do would be to just eliminate the idiotic sequestration cuts.

Congress created these cuts and can just as easily get rid of them. All it would take is a one page bill and a few minutes to make this problem go away. There is no need for pay-fors or offsets. All that is needed is a bill that will repeal them.

There is no reason a short term problem should be tied to an unrelated possible long term issue.

If members of Congress think this is bad policy they should eliminate it. Instead, basically everyone in Congress is threatening to knowingly implement a set of policies that will hurt the economy in order to punish everyone else for their inability to reach a deal on a long-term deficit package. This is not only a shocking dereliction of duty but also insane.

There does not have to be some grand package to address this immediate issue. A solution already exists, just eliminate the sequesters. If Congress wants to work on the long term deficit, they can always do that later while not needlessly putting the whole economy in peril.

Photo by peasap under Creative Commons license