Dean Baker has already addressed the terrible policies that David Brooks is pushing for in his latest column, but he ignored the most idiotic idea Brooks put forward today. Apparently Brooks’s solution to the fiscal cliff, which is a product of Congress creating a set of automatic cuts that would go into effect if Congress can’t reach a deficit deal, is to replace it with another set of automatic cuts that will go into effect if Congress doesn’t reach a deficit deal. From Brooks:

But the big demand would be this: That on March 15, 2013, both parties would introduce leader-endorsed tax and entitlement reform bills in Congress that would bring the debt down to 60 percent of G.D.P. by 2024 and 40 percent by 2037, as scored by the Congressional Budget Office. Those bills would work their way through the normal legislative process, as the Constitution intended. If a Grand Bargain is not reached by Dec. 15, 2013, then there would be automatic defense and entitlement cuts and automatic tax increases.

This basic plan was literally just tried and it failed, yet Brooks’s brilliant idea is to do the exact same thing again. Brooks wants to deal with the artificial crisis created by Congress, which currently endangers our economy, by having Congress create another artificial crisis in the near future.

This is the plan of a dangerous psychopath. Insanity is trying the same thing again and again expecting different results.

Instead of members of Congress needlessly creating problems to encourage themselves to maybe address a possible long term issue, they should be working on immediate and serious concerns such as the rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.