What I care about as a progressive is the social safety net. We are an extremely rich country and Americans should not want for basic necessities.

While there are some other reasons related to income inequality and marginal utility that I support taxing rich people, I primarily want them to pay taxes to fund a social safety net. Taxing the rich is not a goa it is just how you fund actual goals.

President Obama’s renewed push to get the Republicans to agree to a tax increase so Obama can cut the social safety net is simply terrible. It is the bizarro version of what the Democratic party once stood for.

What makes the entire thing so much worse is that Obama’s justification for this move is pure nonsense. If you really care about the long term budget projections, the real issue is our broken health care system. Even large benefits cuts for seniors will end up as nothing more than a band aid if our out of control health care system is not brought under control.  If we simply adopt one of a dozen other countries’ more cost effective system, our deficit would disappear.

Instead of pushing to seriously address deficits, the grand bargains Obama has so far pursued are ones designed to merely make it look like he is serious in the eyes of the media establishment. Millions of regular Americans are likely going to suffer so a few people in Washington can congratulate each other for looking tough.