Nation Split on Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling

The country is fairly evenly divided on the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act. According to a Pew Research poll 40 percent of people disapprove of the ruling, while 36 percent approve. Not surprisingly there is a huge partisan divide: Republicans strongly disapprove and Democrats strongly approve of it. A plurality of Independents, 42 percent, approve, while 32 percent disapprove. From Pew:

The Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll found similar results, although it found slightly more people approving the Court’s decision than disapproving. According to the Kaiser poll, 47 percent approve of the decision and only 43 percent disapprove. It also found a huge partisan divide.

Popular support for the law seems only slightly improved by the Court declaring it Constitutional, according to the Kaiser poll. It found that 41 percent view the law unfavorably and 41 view it favorably. While this is technically an improvement over last month when it was 44 percent unfavorable vs 37 percent favorable, the change is within the poll’s natural fluctuation. This current favorable rating of the law is roughly in line with the average over the year in this poll.

Not surprisingly, it seems instead of the Court strongly influencing people’s opinions about the law, people’s previous opinions about the law mainly determined their opinions about the ruling.

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