Of all the European countries surveyed by Pew it was only Germany where a majority of people believe European economic integration has strengthened the economy. In most other European countries the people believe it has weakened their economy. From Pew Research: PG_12.05.24_EUIntegration

I think it is interesting that the polling basically matches the economic data. Germany is basically one of the only countries that has benefited from the European Central Bank’s foolish obsession with extremely low inflation. While joining the Euro helped make German exports relatively cheaper for years, it is hard to see how on net it has benefited many of the other European countries.

Despite this there still isn’t popular support for leaving the Euro in those countries most hurt by it. A majority of Greeks, Spanish and Italians say they should keep the Euro.

Wanting to keep the Euro doesn’t translate into positive views about the Euro.  Indeed, many people may not like the Euro; they just don’t think leaving it would be worth it. In no Euro country surveyed did a majority say having the Euro was a good thing. In France, Spain and Italy a plurality called having the Euro a bad thing.

Unless the Europeans leaders do something to actually solve the human crisis on the continent, I can’t imagine support for the Euro remaining strong for much longer. People are suffering, and they see the current form of European interrogation as bad for their economy. If the crisis drags on much longer I suspect more people will start seeing economic disentanglement from the EU as their only hope.