Yesterday North Korea decided to test one of the long range missiles and the result was a disaster for the despots ruling the small impoverished country. The rocket disintegrated soon after it launched. In a rare public admission of failure, the North Korea government admitted the satellite on the rocket had been destroyed.

Watching this small country fail to successfully launch even a single long range rocket should get everyone thinking about why exactly we are spending so much taxpayer money on “defense.” Military spending makes up an incredible 20% of our federal budget and we spend more on our military than the next 10 largest militaries combined.

What exactly are we spending all this money to defend ourselves from? North Korea is the sole remaining member of George W. Bush’s “axis of evil” and they are a tiny poverty-ridden country that can’t even build a single rocket. North Korea can’t hit the United States if it wanted to, but the United States could easily bomb the whole small country into oblivion.

The only entity we appear to be at “war” with is a loose terrorist network made up of a few hundred guys without the backing of a nation state. They at most could occasionally kill a few Americans but a few fanatics are hardly an existential threat to the future of the nation.

We keep building an army to fight some imaginary World War III, but there is no USSR to fear. There is nothing even approaching a real military threat to the existence of the United States, yet we keep wasting a huge share of the nation’s wealth on weapons. We make boogeymen out of the few remaining small, crazy and mostly incompetent dictators to try to justify spending a fortune on billion dollar toys from politically well-connected defense contractors.

Everyone should look at this pathetic rocket launch and ask themselves is $700 billion a year really necessary to protect ourselves.