A majority of the American people want us to leave Afghanistan right away. From the Washington Post:

A majority of Americans — 55 percent — believe that most Afghans are opposed to what the United States is trying to accomplish in that country, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. About as many Americans — 54 percent — want the U.S. military to withdraw even before it can train the Afghan army to be self-sufficient, a pillar of President Obama’s war strategy.

While most Democrats and independents soured on the war a long time ago, the poll found that Republicans, for the first time, are evenly split on whether the ­decade-long war is worth fighting.

In addition the poll found that after weighing the war’s costs and benefits, only 35 percent of the country think the war was worth fighting, while 60 percent think it was not worth it.

After a decade it is long past time for the US to end this foolish occupation. Our “mission” in Afghanistan has shifted and changed so many times it is impossible to even get a straight answer from government officials as to why we are still there.

Trying to build a true nation state there would at best take decades of additional massive spending, even if the Afghan people were highly supportive of our presence. After a string of recent disasters destroyed whatever good will might have remained, it is impossible to see how we “win” a war that no longer has even a defined mission.

The most depressing part is that it seems the Obama administration knows it is an unwinnable mess, but it keeps going solely to save face politically. How many more lives and billions will be needlessly sacrificed on the alter of a political career?

It is time to bring our troops home now.