The “compromise” President Obama worked out to provide free birth control to women even if they work at institutions affiliated with religious groups that oppose contraception is broadly popular according to Quinnipiac polling.

American voters approve 54 – 38 percent of Obama’s compromise concerning insurance coverage for birth control for employees of religious-affiliated institutions. Men approve 52 – 42 percent while women approve 56 – 34 percent. White Protestants split 46 – 46 percent while white Catholics split 46 – 48 percent. Approval is 75 – 18 percent among Democrats and 56 – 36 percent among independent voters, while Republicans disapprove 63 – 32 percent. [...]

American voters say 82 – 12 percent that it is not wrong to use birth control and a total of 55 percent say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

While the majority of the country supports this decision, Republicans strongly disapprove. This is why it make sense for the Republican Presidential candidates to make hay about it while they are still desperately competing only for the support of Republican primary voters. After the GOP primary is over, if not sooner I suspect this issue will fade away almost completely.

This decision by Obama is not a political loser for Democrats. There is also no reason to think one HHS ruling about one minor provision of a law almost a year out from the election is going to have a noticeable impact on the election. With unemployment still incredibly high, the economy still weak, and a majority of people thinking the country is on the wrong track, I will confidently predict this Presidential election is not going to be about insurance co-pays for birth control pills.