Occupy Salt Lake City, Feb. 9 2012, by Gary M.

Occupy Salt Lake City, Feb. 9 2012, by Gary M.

I was not looking forward to updating the State of the Occupation list but when I finally did, it was much bigger than I expected.  The first State of the Occupation list we published on December 20 included 61 encampments, and the list is now at 50.

I had expected a much lower number at this point in time just due to attrition, cold weather and February sluggishness.  The recent rash of crackdowns may actually have helped generate enthusiasm and support in places it was lagging.

Even as Occupy Nashville and Newark get their eviction papers, Occupy Berkeley has tents up once again in Sproul Plaza.  And Occupy Pocatello joins the list.  As the big occupations get torn down, new ones spring up to take their place, while others regroup and re-occupy.

My overall impression from talking to occupiers on a regular basis is that the movement is migrating across the country, growing stronger as it penetrates the “flyover states”  hardest hit by unemployment.   Even as urban middle-aged supporters grow bored with Occupy and their attention is once again diverted by the latest tribalistic rant in the horse race 2012 media cycle, young people with no jobs continue to find hope in a movement that isn’t so easily fooled.

It has actually been a blessing that fair-weather supporters have peeled off to harumph about the latest DNC outrage du jour, because it has left the most dedicated and idealistic occupiers to plan for the spring.

Occupy Supply is a project of the Firedoglake Membership Program. We hold webinar meetings each Sunday at 2pm and Wednesday at 8pm ET which are open to anyone who wants to discuss the future of the Occupy movement.

At upcoming webinars occupiers will be discussing:

  • Wednesday February 15: Physical occupations – are they obsolete, or the sine qua non of Occupy? Panelists include Occupy Fairbanks, Occupy Erie, Occupy Scranton. (signup form)
  • Sunday February 19: Where does Occupy go from here: A vision for the future (signup form)
  • Wednesday February 22: Occupations that have prevented foreclosures, and how they did it (signup form)

You can find a recap of the recent Occupy Supply webinar on how to FOIA for Occupy here.

FDL OccupySupply State of the Occupation: Updated List of Encampments Across the Country

Current Encampments

1. Occupy Anchorage 26. Occupy Little Rock
2. Occupy Asheville 27. Occupy Louisville
3. Occupy Atlanta 28. Occupy Madison
4. Occupy Berkeley 29. Occupy Memphis
5. Occupy Boise 30. Occupy Milwaukee
6. Occupy Chattanooga 31. Occupy Nashville
7. Occupy Cleveland 32. Occupy New Haven
8. Occupy Delaware (Wilmington) 33. Occupy Newark
9. Occupy DesMoines 34. Occupy Newfoundland
10. Occupy Detroit 35. Occupy Palm Beach
11. Occupy Dover DE 36. Occupy Pocatello
12. Occupy Erie 37. Occupy Raleigh
13. Occupy Fairbanks 38. Occupy Riverside
14. Occupy Flint 39. Occupy Rochester
15. Occupy Fort Wayne 40. Occupy Sacramento
16. Occupy Fullerton 41. Occupy Salt Lake City
17. Occupy Gainesville 42. Occupy San Jose
18. Occupy Harrisburg 43. Occupy San Luis Obispo
19. Occupy Honolulu 44. Occupy St. Louis
20. Occupy Houston 45. Occupy Syracuse
21. Occupy Iowa City 46. Occupy Tacoma
22. Occupy Kansas City 47. Occupy Talahassee
23. Occupy Lancaster PA 48. Occupy Tampa
24. Occupy Las Vegas 49. Occupy Toronto
25. Occupy Lincoln 50. Occupy Vacaville