Call City Officials Now

Occupy Buffalo saw their camp bulldozed at 2 a.m. this morning. Tell the city you stand with the protesters. Click here for phone numbers and a sample script:

Without warning, Buffalo city officials bulldozed Occupy Buffalo’s camp at Niagara Square last night at 2:00AM, confiscating and destroying their personal property and arresting 10 people.

Only two days ago, Occupy Buffalo was on the front page of the Buffalo News for their organizing efforts to oppose the NFTA’s plans to shut down bus routes that would strand working class residents in the suburbs and leave them without public transportation to their jobs.  They have tirelessly stood at the end of bus lines and passed out over 7,000 flyers to let Buffalo residents know what the NFTA was planning, and packed public hearings with vocal opponents.

They have raised crony politico hackles by demanding the NFTA turn over the valuable Buffalo waterfront property that it owns back to the city, which has remained unused for decades.

They have opposed Governor Cuomo’s scam to use $1 billion in state funds to subsidize a public-private medical complex, funded with taxpayer money that destroys low income housing for the benefit of large corporations — free from public scrutiny and FOIA requests.

In short, they have attended every city council meeting, every public planning meeting, and every public hearing they could to shine a bright light on the corruption and mismanagement that has made Buffalo the third poorest city in the nation.

So last night the Mayor ordered the police to forcibly eject Occupy Buffalo from the park with no warning, using a tank similar to those used against anti-apartheid protesters in South Africa.

Local law enforcement and community members have repeatedly praised Occupy Buffalo for their ongoing cooperation with the city.  But it is clear that corrupt officials are trying to cover their tracks by preventing Occupy Buffalo from engaging in meaningful community activism on behalf of Buffalo citizens.

Can you call Governor Cuomo, Mayor Brown, the Buffalo City Council and others in city government and tell them you stand with Occupy Buffalo against this heinous attempt to cover up their own corruption by suppressing free speech?