Occupy Lincoln NE by Craig E.

Occupy Lincoln NE by Craig E.


Below is the up-to-date list of the status of Occupy encampments across the country, based on reports from OccupySupply liaisons of the FDL Membership Program who deliver supplies to them regularly.

Listed separately are occupations that have received eviction notices from the city or county, those that have moved indoors, as well as those that are not allowed to have an overnight presence but maintain tents and booths during the day. This week we are also adding a list of occupations camping out on foreclosed homes.

The permanent up-to-date list of encampments can be found here:

FDL OccupySupply State of the Occupation: Updated List of Encampments Across the Country

1 Occupy Anchorage Igloos!
2 Occupy Asheville City council to vote this week on whether to evict
3 Occupy Atlanta Re-occupied Woodruff Park after the raid, stopped a recent foreclosure
4 Occupy Austin Nice story in Daily Texan about OccupySupply helping them prepare for winter
5 Occupy Birmingham Marched with Alabama civic & religious leaders to protest state immigration law
6 Occupy Boise FDL and Occupy Supply on Channel 6 news helping Occupy Boise
7 Occupy Buffalo Have an agreement with the city regarding the camp site
8 Occupy Cedar Rapids Says they have a stable location through the winter
9 Occupy Charlotte City wants them gone so they won’t offend Democratic convention, but hanging in there
10 Occupy Claremont City council may intervene, but police say they’re not breaking any laws
11 Occupy Cleveland Still maintains a 24 hour tent.
12 Occupy Chattanooga County Commission recently passed resolution of disapproval
13 Occupy Dover DE Still going strong
14 Occupy Delaware (Wilmington) Doing great foreclosure work
15 Occupy DesMoines Voted to stay in the park at GA on 1/06
16 Occupy East LA College Started in early November, two dozen tents, protesting tuition hikes and budget cuts
17 Occupy Erie Keep coming back to the gazebo despite 7 police raids
18 Occupy Fairbanks Yes, there’s an Occupy Fairbanks. No kidding.
19 Occupy Fort Wayne In Freimann square
20 Occupy Gainesville Organizing Florida occupations for upcoming FL legislative session
21 Occupy Harrisburg Organizing around state redistricting
22 Occupy Houston Celebrated International Migrants Day by protesting prison industrial complex
23 Occupy Huntsville AL City gave them a spot
24 Occupy IowaCity Mic checked Newt Gingrich last week
25 Occupy Ithaca Started Nov 21, 15 tents, moving to Baptist church
26 Occupy Kansas City Just celebrated 100 days at Liberty Memorial
27 Occupy Kstreet Filing lawsuit to prevent cops from seizing their property without cause
28 Occupy Lancaster PA Holding toy and book drive for children of the community
29 Occupy Las Cruces NM Joined with Occupy El Paso to protest 18th anniversary of NAFTA
30 Occupy Las Vegas Protesting at auctions of foreclosed homes seized without paperwork
31 Occupy Lincoln Tent town in Centennial Mall
32 Occupy Little Rock Built a geodesic dome
33 Occupy Madison 24 hour encampment with support of Madison PD and the City of Madison officials.
34 Occupy Memphis Held march to mark 1 year since Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself on fire in Tunisia
35 Occupy Miami Encampment behind city hall
36 Occupy Milwaukee Immigration groups recently loaned them space
37 Occupy Monterey City may evict them on January 20
38 Occupy Nashville Getting tremendous community support
39 Occupy Newfoundland City says there will be no attempt to evict them
40 Occupy New Haven On private property by agreement with managers
41 Occupy Newark City recently lifted ban on overnight encampments
42 Occupy Ogden The Unitarian Universalist Church gave them a space
43 Occupy Orange County Will be moving on January 11
44 Occupy Orlando Occupier arrested before Christmas for using chalk on sidewalk & still in jail
45 Occupy Palm Beach Protesting wealth inequality in rich neighborhoods
46 Occupy Phoenix Demonstrating against Joe Arpaio’s tasering of Latino Marine vet that left him brain dead
47 Occupy Pittsburgh Calling for an international day of action against Bank of New York Mellon
48 Occupy Raleigh Property owner & city say they can stay
49 Occupy Reno Plan to start door knocks and community outreach in January
50 Occupy Rochester Just received AFL-CIO Rochester Labor Council’s Community Solidarity Award
51 Occupy Sacramento Recently occupied Clear Channel
52 Occupy San Jose San Jose City Hall
53 Occupy San Luis Obispo Recently voted to maintain their 24 hour presence
54 Occupy Salt Lake City Moved to Gallivan Center next to Wells Fargo Bank after police raided down town camp
55 Occupy Scranton Still maintaining 24 hour tent despite December raid
56 Occupy Syracuse Erected a triple-walled Army surplus tent and plan to stay for the winter
57 Occupy Tacoma Mic check to OccupySupply
58 Occupy Talahassee Will present objectives of Florida occupations to state legislature on January 10
59 Occupy Tampa At Voice of Freedom Park
60 Occupy Trenton Suffering the wrath of Chris Christie but hanging in there
61 Occupy Walton OR Small Oregon town trying to save their post office
62 Occupy Winston-Salem Fighting quick & dirty Dan’s plan to evict

Occupations Threatened with Eviction

  1. Chattanooga
  2. Columbia SC
  3. Louisville KY
  4. Missoula MT
  5. Oakland CA
  6. Portland ME
  7. San Antonio TX
  8. San Diego CA
  9. Santa Fe NM

Occupations Voting to End Encampment

  1. Chapel Hill

Occupations With Daytime Tents or Booths

  1. Santa Rosa
  2. Columbus

Occupations That Have Moved Indoors

  1. Detroit
  2. Tulsa
  3. Freedom Plaza (DC)
  4. St. Louis

Occupying Homes

  1. Occupy Colorado Springs

Previous Reports:

If you would like to update us with information about your occupation, or have a 24 hour encampment that needs supplies, let us know at members AT firedoglake DOT com.

Occupy Supply is getting barraged with requests for cold weather gear from occupations across the country as cold weather hits this week.  Please consider donating to Occupy Supply.  100% of all donations go to purchasing and distributing supplies to occupations.