Two days ago we published a post documenting Occupy encampments across the country, based on reports from OccupySupply liaisons of the FDL Membership Program who deliver supplies to them regularly.  We now have a permanent page for the updated list:

FDL OccupySupply State of the Occupation: Updated List of Encampments Across the Country

Updates for 12/22/2011:

  • Berkeley gets an eviction notice from the city, and moves from to the “threatened with eviction” list.
  • The Asheville City Council does the right thing and postpones a vote on a measure that would have declared City Hall no longer public property (?) until next month.  ”Some council members said they were uncomfortable voting on the changes without advance notice or a public hearing.”  No shit?
  • Occupy Tucson was raided last night.  Merry Christmas!
  • Occupy Winnipeg was also raided, and  UPI declares the “Last Canadian Occupy protest camp closed.”  Did Fredericton secede while I wasn’t looking?
  • Occupy Providence votes to dismantle their occupation if the city opens a homeless shelter.
  • Missoula County says it will remove Occupy Missoula’s portable toilet over concerns for the “health, welfare and safety of the general public.” (Because what, pissing on the lawn would be safer?) Occupier Laura Jensen calls them out for “dirty politics.”
  • Niki Haley just won’t give up after Occupy Columbia kicked her ass in court the first time. She wants U.S. District Judge Cameron McGowan Currie to “lift her injunction preventing the state from removing the protesters.” Because with the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country, getting rid that daily reminder is clearly a higher priority for a governor than actually doing something about it.
  • Occupy Albany stays past their deadline, as another one looms for Occupy Scranton.
  • Homeland Security Buffalo Police shut down the new second Buffalo encampment, but the first one remains.

Don’t kid yourself — when encampments shut down, community interest dwindles and donations slow to a trickle.  Nobody is able to “do more” once they don’t have to maintain an encampment, no matter what anyone says.

Meanwhile, the very much encamped Occupy Rochester refurbishes a foreclosed home and moves a homeless family into it (video above).  The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty estimates that there are 4 homes vacant for every homeless person in America.  If Homeland Security America’s mayors put one tenth the effort into dealing with the homeless problem they do to shutting down terrorists occupy encampments, we might not have 3.5 million Americans (1.35 million of whom are children) with no place to live in a typical year.

Now that the media has lost interest in the occupations, the hard work begins.  Do whatever you can to support your local occupy encampment through the winter.