Jon Walker OccupySupply Black Coat

Jon Walker models the new OccupySupply Coat

We took delivery on our first shipment of heavyweight duck blanket lined jackets, made by UFCW local 1541 workers and modeled by Jon Walker in the photo.  The boxes piled high behind him give an indication of what the rest of my house looks like at the moment.

We also took delivery on our second order of base layer underwear. We ordered a different brand this time,  as I mentioned on Thanksgiving day  (OccupySupply – What We Need). It’s even better than the first brand we bought, which is still the #1 most requested item from all the occupiers. It’s really thick midweight base layer, absolutely gorgeous. As Occupy Austin liaison KrisAinTX said yesterday in his excellent diary, it really gives occupiers a tremendous morale boost to get nice things they really need from people who support their courage and their determination.

It’s a great feeling for all of us to be able to get these things to the occupiers at a time when they’re being shut down and harassed.  Many thanks to everyone who has donated and spread the word about OccupySupply.

We won’t be able to offer either the coats or the base layer underwear at the OccupySupply Buy 1, Give 1 store because we need all we can get for the occupiers right now. But we do have a limited number of other items, including the popular #OccupySupply hats, as well as the second most requested item from the occupations, the polar fleece blankets. Sadly the polar fleece pullovers have sold out in many colors and sizes and there won’t be more available, so if you were thinking of ordering one, there are only a few left.

There’s an FDL membership liaison webinar meeting this Wednesday at 8pm, so if you joined the FDL Membership Program and want to be a liaison in your community, you’ll be getting an email invitation soon. If you’d like to join the Membership Program and become a liaison to your local occupation, you can join here.

Many thanks to all our liaisons who have been doing an absolutely amazing job. Jackets and base layer underwear are on their way!