Kevin Gosztola has been tirelessly liveblogging the Occupy Wall Street protests each day since they began on September 17, and we want to bring him to DC on October 6 when the Occupy Wall Street protesters make their way to DC to join the October 2011 protest in Freedom Plaza.

In the midst of a mainstream media blackout punctuated only by smug dismissal from outlets like NPR, the New York Times and Mother Jones, Kevin’s coverage was just about the only fair and consistent reporting the Wall Street protesters received.

Kevin’s dedication to covering the protests, and the insight he brings to the task, have had a tremendous impact.  From sending pizzas to contextualizing their actions, Kevin’s efforts have both heartened the protesters and amplified their message.  If you haven’t done so already, please read his excellent piece on Why Establishment Media & the Power Elite Loathe Occupy Wall Street:

Demonstrations are demeaned because everything is supposed to come back to the political process. The truth is, corporate executives and business managers are and have been constantly protesting. They just do it in the halls of power instead of in public squares.

Kevin has done an amazing job at The Dissenter from the time he joined FDL only a few months ago.  His work has reaped high praise from folks like Glenn Greenwald, who wrote yesterday about how sharp his reporting has been:

In an excellent analysis…Kevin Gosztola chronicles how many of the most scornful criticisms have come from Democratic partisans who — like the politicians to whom they devote their fealty — feign populist opposition to Wall Street for political gain.

The media cheered the astro-turf Tea Party protests as genuine populist expressions of justifiable outrage, whereas Kevin has been almost alone in giving fair coverage to the Wall Street protesters.

If you value the work he has been doing, please consider donating to help us not only continue to pay his salary, but to bring him to Washington DC to join the Occupy Wall Street and protesters in Freedom Plaza on October 6.

And if you have joined the FDL Membership Program, you can chat with Kevin tonight when he joins Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, organizers of the October2011 protest, to talk about plans for the occupation of Freedom Plaza that begins next Thursday.