Big energy is fond of saying there’s no proof that the chemicals they’re using in fracking operations are causing the rash of horrific suffering in those who live nearby.  Why?  Because despite the fact that each fracking well leaves millions of gallons of wastewater in its wake, the companies drilling them don’t have to disclose the chemicals they’re pumping into local water systems.

Halliburton and other big energy companies have been successful in keeping the chemicals they are using “proprietary.”  Likewise, the way in which they dispose of fracking waste water is a mystery, thanks to loopholes afforded by millions of dollars in lobbying and donations to elected officials.

Unsurprisingly, horizontal fracking has almost always been accompanied by serious health and environmental crises in nearby communities, and without disclosure of the chemicals being used, scientists are unable to link ground, water and air contamination to their secret cash cow.

Can you sign our petition to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to force full disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking operations?

Sign our petition asking Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to force full disclosure of the toxic chemicals used in horizontal fracking?

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Almost across the board, where fracking operations begin, locals get sick. Some that live near fracking operations report contaminated tap water that can actually be lit on fire.

That’s not all that surprising considering the obscene amounts of waste water produced during horizontal fracking, which many water treatment facilities are not built to deal with. This mixture of toxic chemicals, heavy salts and radioactive material is often left to fester in open pits or is dumped into major rivers and tributaries.

Drilling companies are digging in, offering gigantic paydays to farmers and cash-strapped landowners for the rights to frack on their land. They’ve already bought off elected officials to assure the unfettered expansion of this lucrative industry.

There’s no good argument for keeping these chemicals a secret from the people who are left to deal with the aftermath of fracking on their own property and in their local water systems.  The Department of Interior has the ability to force these companies to reveal the chemicals they’re leaving behind in massive quantities in communities across America.   Please sign our petition to Secretary Ken Salazar today.

Add your name to our petition to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to force full disclosure of the chemical-laced fluid used in horizontal fracking.