Reducing our spending on overseas military commitments is the deficit reduction idea that has the broadest public support across all partisan groups, according to new Pew Research Center poll. Solid majorities of regular Democrats, Republicans and independents all want to see America stop wasting so much money on foreign military commitments.

While raising taxes on people making over $250,000 a year is just as popular as spending less on foreign military actions, the tax increase is opposed by a bare majority of those who identify as Republicans. Limiting tax deductions for large corporations also has majority support among all partisan groups, but the overall level of support is not as high. By far the most broadly popular way considered in the poll to seriously reduce government spending is to stop wasting so much money on foreign wars.

The American people clearly want our government to stop spending billions to build bases half way around the world so we don’t need to cut spending on roads and schools here at home.

A Congressional Super Committee with special legislative powers isn’t needed to implement a truly bipartisan plan to reduce our deficits by trillions. All we need is a President that actually listens to the American people and then exercises his powers as Commander in Chief to quickly end all our declared and undeclared wars.