Since Michael Moore first suggested Matt Damon as a possible third party presidential challenger in 2012 on an FDL member webinar, the story has had wings.  But it’s a sure sign that something has firmly entered the popular consciousness when UK bookmakers start laying odds.

Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker with licensed betting offices in Ireland and the UK, is giving Damon 100:1 odds to win the 2012 Presidential election.  That gives him the same odds as Newt Gingrich, and a better chance than either John McCain or Michael Bloomberg. They put Rick Perry at the top of the Republican heap at 7:2, with Mitt Romney at 5:1. Barack Obama still has the best shot, at 4:6.

They may not, however, be the most astute judges of the American political system.  From their press release:

Paddy Power have today inserted Matt Damon at 100/1 to be the next US president after he received a glittering endorsement for the role from fellow Hollywood star Michael Moore! Damon has proven far more articulate on Liberal issues than his Team America puppet would suggest and is also available at 66/1 to receive the Democratic nomination for the race.

Barring an act of God, I put the odds on anyone but Barack Obama getting the Democratic nomination at about a million to one.  The California Democratic Party recently refused to renew the charter of the Progressive Caucus for merely passing a resolution proposing a primary challenger to Obama next year.  It now no longer exists. Prior to its dissolution it was the biggest caucus in the California Democratic Party.

The DNC has an iron grip on the party infrastructure, and would literally blow up the party before they would allow a primary challenge to Obama in 2012.

Sorry, Paddy Power. I have a better chance of winning the Daytona 500.