Video: McConnell and Reid spar over vote on Reid amendment today

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7:17: Harkin giving a history lesson on times the President borrowed money without the clear constitutional authority to do so.  Guess those negotiations aren’t going so well…

7:04: Tom Harkin says we’re “days away” from not being able to pay our bills.  That’s for you rubes.  As Jack Balkin explains, Obama has already told bond holders that there will be no default on bonds (leaving less money for social safety net programs like Medicare).

7:01: John Kerry may put me in a coma.

6:29: Orrin Hatch says President Obama took on so much debt that Moody’s says they might have to downgrade our credit rating. Playing with fire by validating the ratings agencies, Dems.

6:16: Schumer, acting as President of the Senate, has to interrupt Orrin Hatch twice to ask people to take their conversations to the cloak room.

6:10:  McConnell says he was on the phone with Biden when he had to hang up and show up for Reid’s quorum call.  Point: McConnell.

6:05: Reid says McConnell gave a press conference saying he was in contact with the White House, but he was lying.

6:01:  Here’s the final vote count: 173 Democrats in the House (including Dennis Kucinich) vote for the Reid-Obama Super Congress. Only 11 Democrats vote against, and they’re all ConservaDems: John Barrow (GA), Dan Boren (OK), Bruce Braley (IA), David Loebsack (IA), Jim Matheson (UT), Mike McIntyre (NC), Collin Peterson (MN), Mike Ross (AR), Kurt Schrader (OR), Peter Visclosky (IN) and David Wu (OR).

5:50: Goat rope quorum vote requiring all Senators to come to the floor.

5:28: John Kerry it’s great that everyone agrees on an unconstitutional Super Congress Catfood II commission that could solve all our problems.  Coburn says yes it is.

4:58:  Pelosi’s comments on the Reid bill: “Senator Reid has given us a direction to go—no cuts in the benefits for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security beneficiaries” — just a Super Congress.

4:55: Franken: 43 GOP senators say they won’t vote for the Reid bill because it counts fake savings from a drawdown in Afghanistan.  But those same savings were counted the same way in the Ryan bill, which they voted for. Point: Franken

4:44: Politico says Obama is talking with McConnell, and that Conrad is talking to Republicans to try to whip votes for Reid.  Apparently nobody is talking to Joe Manchin, who says Obama is not trying to whip votes for the Reid bill — which Jay Carney does not deny.

4:41:  Casey – What I hear from people all over the country is that what they want more than anything is compromise. Funny, most polls say they want jobs.

4:34: Durbin, who objected to unanimous consent for Rand Paul to submit his amendment, says that Paul had the opportunity to vote for the Boehner bill that had a balanced budget amendment the night before, and he voted to table it. Point: Durbin.

4:32 Rand Paul says he will deliver the votes for the Reid bill if it will include his balanced budget amendment.

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