President Obama Endorses Plans
to Cut Social Security

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Now that President Obama has come out in support of the Gang of Six’s plans to cut benefits, there should no longer be any question as to whether senior citizens will be forced to make the kinds of sacrifices the wealthy could not even be asked to make.

One of the most ridiculous things we hear is that President Obama was FORCED to put benefit cuts on the table — an argument that conveniently ignores the fact that Mitch McConnell offered a clean debt limit vote which Obama rejected forthright.

The fact of the matter is that President Obama wants to do something big and bold on the deficit ahead of 2012 to try and dispel rightwing claims that he’s not serious about the budget. Since he already forfeited billions in tax revenues from the wealthy by extending the Bush tax cuts, he’s going after social safety net funds to cut spending.

We need to alert as many voters as possibly to this plan ahead of the 2012 election. They need to know exactly who is behind this latest push to raise the Medicare and Social Security retirement ages, and adjust the Social Security COLA to pay less and less money to the elderly each year.

To do this, we’ve designed a series of Google and Facebook ads that we will target directly to those who stand to lose the most from Obama’s grand bargain. Current and future retirees, women, veterans, people with disabilities will all be the first to feel the full brunt of this horrendous legislation, and have every right to know who they should hold responsible.

Help us make sure voters know about these terrible benefit cuts right now so they can oppose them immediately – because by 2012 it will be too late.

We want to target retirees in key swing states like Florida, Iowa and New Hampshire. We’ll focus ads in states where members of the House and Senate have voted to cut benefits, and make sure their constituents know who to blame. We even have sophisticated technology that lets us see what websites seniors visit the most, and target ads directly to them.

On Facebook, we’ll targetting fans of groups like AARP, retirement clubs, and other groups of senior citizens. We’ll target people age 50+ and Grandparents, and people living in retirement communities.

We can’t sit by and wait for 2012 to roll around and hope that voters remember what happened during the budget negotiations in 2011. We need to act right now and get as many voters as possible onboard with our pledge to never vote for anyone who cuts social safety net benefits.

Can you please chip in $10 to our online ad campaign to tell voters not to support any politician who cuts social safety net benefits – including President Obama?