The American people think the United States should not be involved in the current civil war in Libya, by an overwhelming majority. According the a new CBS News poll only 30 percent of the country believe we are doing the right thing in Libya while 59 percent believes we shouldn’t have been involved.

Opposition is strong across the board with a majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents all thinking our involvement is the wrong move.

The fact that the people are quickly turning against the escalating conflict isn’t surprising given how it was sold. The military action in Libya has now dragged onĀ  longer than the “mere days” President Obama promised three months ago. The mission has clearly also changed from what we were told was going to be a “no fly zone” to protect civilians to regime change.

Perhaps the only political positive for Obama from our poor economy is that it prevent there from being much focus on how much the public opinion has turned against the administration’s plans for the wars in Libya and Afghanistan.