We are now engaged in an illegal war against Libya. Yesterday, the official 60-day window for the War Powers Act expired, and there was no action to approve military use by Congress, yet we continue to be involved in direct military action in Libya. With this, a new precedent has been firmly established. The President of the United States can now unilaterally and freely wage war on any country or attempt to kill anyone anywhere on earth, for as long as the President wants. It is truly frightening god-like power solely vested in a single individual.

This moment with Libya alone didn’t create this new normal. It is an issue that has been slowly building with the president using drone strikes to target individuals in countries we’re not at war with, such as Pakistan and Yemen. But this now illegal involvement in full-scale war with no congressional approval makes the clear creation of this new precedent unavoidable.

Congress has totally failed to fulfill its legal obligations, President Obama worked to make it as easy as possible for Congress to quietly abdicate its Constitutional responsibility, and the media outcry over this serious legal violation has been muted at best.

We are now engaged in an illegal war, yet almost no one in politics is treating this like the massive scandal it is. With the creation of this  new precedent for acceptable presidential behavior, today is truly a sad day for supporters of the rule of law.