Australian journalist Ben Grubb, the Deputy Technolgy Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, was arrested for writing an article about a presentation on Facebook security vulnerabilities made at an IT conference in Queensland.

The police denied arresting Grubb. However, Grubb recorded the audio of his encounter with police, who not only very clearly did arrest him, they also confiscated his iPad. The transcript and the audio are here, and they’re a hoot.

“Ben was reporting on something actually said and presented at that conference” said Darren Burden, an executive with the paper’s publisher, Fairfax. “It’s fundamental for journalists to be able to report these events.”

Now that we’re living in an H.B. Gary world, count me among those get nervous every time I hear about Goldman Sachs positioning itself for the IPO. Well, at least Robert Gibbs took a pass.

h/t Frontline Club

Photo by Marcbel