George Takei vs. Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

A pending law in the Tennessee legislature would prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classroom, the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

So George Takei is helpfully offering Tennesseans who might feel constricted by such a law to use his name instead.

“Any time you need to say the word ‘gay,’ you can just say the word ‘Takei,'” he says.

For example, you could just say “Takei marriage.”  You can march in a “Takei pride parade.”

“Even homophobic slurs don’t seem as hurtful if someone says ‘that is so Takei,'” says George.

He also offers “it’s okay to be Takei” swag, with proceeds going to charity.

What can you say?  It’s just so Takei.

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