The cynicism of American politicians is a strong and persistent theme, but this most recent move by Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell takes it to a whole new level. A mere six months after Republicans won big by attacking Democrats for “cutting Medicare,” McConnell is now demanding cuts to Medicare or else he will do serious damage to the American economy. From the Washington Post:

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told President Obama on Thursday that he must agree to cut spending on federal agencies over the next two years and make significant changes to Medicare and Medicaid as part of a deal for raising the legal limit on government borrowing.

During a White House meeting with the entire Senate Republican caucus, McConnell (Ky.) told the president that the battle over the debt limit is a critical opportunity to overhaul the popular health-care entitlement programs, which are projected to be the biggest drivers of future borrowing.

This is chutzpah in its purest form. McConnell went from great defender of Medicare to threatening to take down the whole economy unless Democrats allow them to cut the program in the political blink of an eye.

I’ve long ago stopped wondering if the Republican leaders has any sense of shame, but I would at least expect them to show some political concern about so blatantly making such an incredibly hypocritical move on a very important issue so quickly.