America on Afghanistan: Bring the Troops Home

An overwhelming majority–59 percent–of the American people think that with Osama bin Laden dead, it is time to bring our troops home from our nearly decade-long war in Afghanistan according to the newest Gallup poll.Which comes closer to your view -- the U.S. has accomplished its mission in Afghanistan and should bring its troops home, or the U.S. still has important work to do in Afghanistan and should maintain its troops there? May 2011

I don’t know which of the two great absurdities about this situation is more amazing to me.

  • The fact that we are still fighting this purposeless war with no clear objective despite the American people wanting to bring the troops home, or
  • the fact that we are having a debate in Washington about reducing the deficit yet ending the unpopular $100 billion a year war isn’t accepted by everyone as a great way to cut spending.

The debate among the politicians in Washington isn’t just totally disconnected from regular people, it is disconnected from reality itself.

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