graphic by Twolf

Alan Simpson doesn’t like “the Catfood Commission people.”

In a testy interview with Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim, the chair of Obama’s deficit commission questioned Grim’s stated facts about Social Security, speculating that Grim’s information came from “the Catfood Commission people.” (It actually came from the Social Security Administration.)

“If that is the case — and I don’t think it is — then that means they put in peanuts,” said Simpson.

Simpson speculated that the data presented to him by HuffPost had been furnished by “the Catfood Commission people” — a reference to progressive critics of the deficit commission who gave president’s panel that label.

In the same interview, which came after he gave an “up yours” gesture to an AARP lobbyist, Simpson also said that Social Security was a Ponzi scheme.

You think we got to him much?