Jane Hamsher was on MSNBC this afternoon to speak about PFC. Bradley Manning’s surprise transfer from Quantico to Fort Leavenworth, away from his attorney, his friends, and his family. Jane called on Obama to explain why he said Manning’s treatment met basic standards, when the Pentagon admitted yesterday Manning’s treatment was “rare, if not unprecedented.”

“I would like the President to explain why Jeh Johnson is now saying that what he told the public on March 11 is not true. Jeh Johnson said the Pentagon only began their review of this situation two weeks, as opposed to five weeks ago when they told the President that they had. So now that they’ve acknowledged that Manning’s treatment was punitive, as Jim Miklashevski has reported, and that he was not being held appropriately (he was being held in maximum security conditions because he was supposedly so dangerous, and now he’s going to medium security), the President needs to be explain why he was either misled, or chose to mislead the public himself.”

Jane’s not done at MSNBC today – look for her on the Dylan Ratigan show with former State Department spokesman PJ Crowley in the 4pm hour.