The American people haven’t been sold on our military actions in Libya according to two new polls. An AP-GFK poll found that 48 percent approved or leaned toward approving US involvement while 50 disapproved or leaned toward disapproving. Similarly, a Quinnipiac poll found 47 percent opposed, with only 41 percent in support.

This is not a good starting base of support for an action only a week old. The general trend is that most unnecessary foreign wars “kinetic military actions” become less popular as they drag on and their costs rise.

There is also reason to believe that the people will likely sour on this conflict very quickly. The same AP poll found the American people have little stomach for mission creep in Libya, with 78 percent opposed to sending in American ground troops. Yet, almost daily, the mission has been expanding as it morphed from a no-fly zone, to bombing operations, to anti-ground force attack, to possibly arming the rebels.