Watch this shocking video of dozens of Virginia State riot police using far excessive force against peaceful protestors at Quantico Marine Base rallying for humane treatment of Bradley Manning.

From the beginning, the ratio of police to protestors was disproportionate. There were at least 100 regular police officers in vests around the area, plus another 6 on horseback. There were dozens of riot police, several police dogs, and then a half-dozen military men wearing gas masks, carrying automatic weapons and tear gas.

The police quickly got out of control at Quantico. At the start of this video taken by YouTube user tatoot1099, you see the advancing line of at least 50 riot police marching down Route 1 in response to Col. Ann Wright and Daniel Ellsberg’s decision to sit in the street after being denied the freedom to place flowers at Quantico’s Iwo Jima memorial. As riot police advance, they start pulling protestors through their line, body-snatchers style, one-by-one. The police even snatched an elderly blind man and had him arrested.

Woman Crushed at Bradley Manning Protest at Quantico. Photo by Ellen Davidson / The Indypendent | Licensed: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Photo by Ellen Davidson / The Indypendent | Licensed: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Starting around 7 minutes into the video, you can see and hear Ret. Col. Ann Wright screaming in pain as police are putting on handcuffs,. One officer in particular crushes Col. Wright with his riot shield. Daniel Ellsberg goes to the ground before he is picked up and arrested.

The average age of those who were arrested was easily 50, if not older, all of whom were speaking out for the humane treatment of a 23-year-old soldier being held beyond Quantico’s gates. This embarrassing brutality conducted by officers – and tolerated by the military and state police – was wholly unnecessary at this peaceful gathering.

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