The response has been absolutely amazing to the call we put out last night for transcription help.  So far we have:

What we still need:

Cedar Park almost finished the Risky Business radio transcription, so if anyone is willing to finish it off and put the rest in the comments, I’ll collect it all as one post.  Right now KSpopulist is working on Draper interviews Lamo Part 3, so we will hopefully have that up soon.

Many thanks to all.  This is incredibly valuable, and people are already pouring over the transcripts, trying to figure out where the pieces fit in.  And if you spot any other interviews that aren’t already listed on the Key Articles page, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them.

Also, if anyone is interested in proofing any of the transcripts against the audio, it’s always good to have two sets of ears.  Sometimes things that are “unintelligible” to one person are clear to another.

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Update, Wed. am: Looks like the only things we’re still missing are Next Hope Part 3 and the very end of the Risky Business Radio show. We’ll have everything up and on a page soon.