Millionaire Jared Polis Fights For His Peeps

Last night’s House Democratic caucus meeting was explosive, with many members refusing to vote for the Obama-McConnell tax cut deal. However, for all the sturm and drang, if Boehner can deliver all of the Republicans they only need 39 Democratic votes.

Leading the charge for the tax cuts on the Democratic side? Jared Polis, whose net worth is somewhere between $97.4 million and $254.4 million. Polis was quite impassioned as he fought back against the tide of opposition in the caucus,  arguing that this deal is “the best we can do.”

But as Joan McCarter notes, and as Keith Olbermann said so eloquently last night, it is immoral that this deal does nothing for the “99ers,” the 2 million people who are due to have their unemployment benefits cut off by the end of the year.

The fact that it’s Polis pushing this deal in the House makes it brutally and transparently clear who this benefits: millionaires.  Kevin Drum does the math, and finds that “most of most of us get a few hundred dollars while the rich get hundreds of thousands or even millions each.”

“The rich are willing to make that deal every day,” he says.  “Wouldn’t you?”

If you’re one of the 99ers who doesn’t know how your bills are going to be paid after the end of the year, give Jared Polis a call and ask him.  This deal will be great for him.  Maybe he can tell you why it’s good for you, too.

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