Joe Lieberman’s Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will hold a hearing today at 3:15pm EST to discuss “Closing the Gaps In Air Cargo Security” with TSA Director John Pistole.

With the new full-body X-Ray scanners materializing in nearly every airport in the country, and TSA’s new obsession with groping small children and those who refuse to be irradiated (AKA security guidelines and restrictions) are sure to be brought up in the hearing.

Lieberman got a head start on the issue, of course. He was on MSNBC yesterday, and was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell, who brought up the full-body scans and security “pat-downs.” When asked whether or not he believed that the procedures were invasive, the Senator responded, “I come down on the side of pat-downs.

Of course you do, Joe.

During the hearing today, it would constructive if Senator Lieberman and the rest of the committee would ask questions like these to get to the root of why porno scanners and aggressive groping is the new norm:

  1. How was the decision made to choose to use body scanners and new pat-down procedures?
  2. Has any evaluation been made of the impact of the pat downs on particular groups such as abused children, breast cancer survivors, individuals with disabilities, or religious minorities?
  3. Does TSA have an audit process of some sort in place to make sure that procedures are followed?
  4. Has TSA considered alternatives to both body scanners and pat-downs?  If so what has come of that and how close are those other procedures to becoming a reality?
  5. Has TSA seriously considered health concerns about radiation levels?  Has this issue been examined for high risk groups like pregnant women or those who are frequently exposed, like TSA personnel?

Today’s hearing is on cargo, but the TSA is going to repeatedly be in the spotlight over the next two months. If Lieberman doesn’t get to the TSA’s airport issues, stay tuned to tomorrow’s TSA Oversight hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee with Pistole.