The most recent Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll finds that the percentage of Americans who think the new health care law will make their lives and their families’ lives better is at an all time low. Only 25 percent think it would personally make their lives better while 31 percent think it would make them worse off;  34 percent think it would make no difference.

This graph is a beautifully simple display of how terrible policy and political choices on health care reform lost Democrats the battle of public opinion on the new law, and so, cost them control of the House.

Democrats began the health care debate while there was surging unemployment and huge economic insecurity. With that in the background, Democrats could have made the focus of health reform providing immediate, tangible help to those losing their jobs and ways to reduce burdens on those hoping to start a small business.

Yet, in an act of extreme political malfeasance, Obama made the focus of his health care push “bending the cost curve” and good CBO scores. To create the illusion of savings, they delayed the lion’s share of benefits for years. At the same time, to appease the corporatists, they did nothing to help reduce Americans’ health care costs in the short term.

It is no wonder American’s don’t think “Obamacare” will improve their lives. So far, it has helped almost no one, while almost everyone’s health care costs continue to soar.

Governing is about delivering for the people. When Democrats utterly failed to deliver anything tangible with health care, it is no surprise the American electorate chose not to deliver for the Democrats.