We learned Wednesday from The Hill that many Democratic Senators don’t actually support all the great things they claim they have “fought for.” They lied to voters. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) doesn’t really support her health insurance rate-review agency as she claims to do. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) doesn’t really want Americans to have the choice of a public option, though he told people he’d fight for it. Carl Levin (D-MI) doesn’t really support expanding unemployment insurance. Russ Feingold doesn’t really care about using transparency to reduce corporate spending in elections. And so on. . . .

Why don’t these and other Senate Democrats support the policies they claim to if they really want to deliver for the voters? Because they refuse to take the small step that would actually allow them to become law. They refuse to vote to change the filibuster rules, rules that permanently doom every idea they claim to champion. They want to make sure 41 Senate Republicans always have a veto over every piece of legislation, so nothing they claim to care about could ever pass. They publicly state that they care about defending the broken rules of their clubhouse more than any promise they ever made to any constituent about a law.

It is important to understand what these Senators’ support of the filibuster says about their near-total lack of commitment to passing the laws they have campaigned on. Picture a lazy guy sitting on his couch, watching TV, who wants to change the channel. But he doesn’t feel like getting up to look for the remote, so he just keeps watching the same thing. That is nearly identical to how much pro-filibuster Democratic Senators like Feinstein desire the things they fight for, like her rate-review agency. It’s like continuing to watch a 14-episode marathon of “The Hills.” Need I say more? In fact, it would probably take the lazy guy more time and energy to find his remote than for Senators to vote “aye” on Sen. Tom Udall’s motion to reform the filibuster so all the great things they promised can pass. Voters should know this is how little these Democratic Senators will “work” to make sure they pass the laws they promised if they don’t support eliminating the filibuster.

People should keep this in mind when they decide who to vote for, donate money to or volunteer to help on campaigns. These Democratic Senators care nothing for passing the laws you find important. A Democratic Senator who says he or she is fighting for a public option, drug re-importation, EFCA, the DISCLOSE Act, climate-change legislation and more, while insisting 41 Senate Republicans have the power to stop any bill containing these policies, should be made a public laughingstock by any honest media.

Only one thing is stopping Senate Democrats from passing all the laws they promised you. It’s a simple rules change, yet many refuse just to vote yes on changing the rules. I don’t know how they could do any less to make good on their promises.