Even as the oil-spill disaster plays out in the Gulf of Mexico, Americans still have a more positive view of British Petroleum than they do of Goldman Sachs, according to the new NBC/WSJ poll. While Americans see neither company in a shining light, they do see the financial firm as a worse villain. This could be comical, sad or a sign of how completely outraged people are because they feel they have been screwed over by corrupt Wall Street.

May 2010 Very Positive Somewhat Positive Neutral Somewhat Negative Very Negative Don’t Know Name/ Not Sure
BP 2 9 29 22 23 15
Goldman Sachs 1 3 21 19 31 25

That’s quite an accomplishment on the part of Goldman Sachs. The BP failure creates a massive oil spill you can see from space that will soon ruin beaches, kill wildlife and destroy fisheries. Yet people still think more of the company than they do of Goldman Sachs. Americans at least think BP provides people with a useful product, but they view Goldman Sachs as a corporation that only makes huge profits while ruining our economy.

There is still a lot of anti-Wall Street anger out there from regular people who got a raw deal in this downturn. If I were a politician run right now, I would not want to be associated with Goldman Sachs in any way. California Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner seems to have reached the same conclusion with this brutal ad against primary opponent Meg Whitman.