Rotating Villains and Audit the Fed: Which of the 67 Will Toady to Wall Street?

The amendment to Audit the Fed comes up for a vote later today. The WSJ reports that Rahm Emanuel is whipping against it, and Bernie Sanders office says that it may need 60 votes to pass. Which is curious, because there are sufficient GOP cosponsors of the amendment such that they would need Democratic help to successfully filibuster.

As Dave Dayen noted this morning, there are 67 members of the Senate who have either voted for or cosponsored Audit the Fed in the past year. In order for the amendment to fail, even with a 60 vote bar, that means a significant number of them will have to outright toady to Wall Street.

Curiously, 18 of the 25 incumbents who are up for election in 2010 have supported Audit the Fed. It’s likely that as they huddle in the back room deciding who’s going to be the bad guy, those who are not facing the electorate in November will draw the short sticks.

Senator Party State Voted for Bill in 09 Cosponsored Bill Cosponsored Amendment 2010 Reelection
Akaka D HI x
Barrasso R WY x
Begich D AK x
Bennett R UT x x x
Boxer D CA x x x x
Brown D OH x
Brownback R KS x x x
Bunning R KY x x x
Burr R NC x x x x
Burris D IL x
Byrd D WV x
Cantwell D WA x
Cardin D MD x x
Casey D PA x
Chambliss R GA x
Coburn R OK x x x x
Cochran R MS x
Collins R ME x
Conrad D ND x
Cornyn R Tx x x
Crapo R ID x x x x
DeMint R SC x x x x
Dorgan D ND x x x
Durbin D IL x
Ensign R NV
Feingold D WI x x x x
Feinstein D CA x
Graham R SC x x x
Grassley R IA x x x x
Hagan D NC x
Harkin D IA x x
Hatch R UT x x
Hutchison R TX x x
Inhofe R OK x x
Inouye D HI x
Isakson R GA x x
Kerry D MA x
Klobuchar D MN x
Landrieu D LA x x
Leahy D VT x x x x
Levin D MI x
Lincoln D AR x x x x
McCain R AZ x x x x
McCaskill D MO x
Merkley D OR x
Mikulski D MD x x
Murkowski R AK x x
Murray D WA x
Nelson D FL x
Pryor D AR x
Reid D NV x x
Risch R ID x x x
Roberts R KS x
Rockefeller D WV x
Sanders I VT x x x
Sessions R AL x
Snowe R ME x
Specter R PA x x
Stabenow D MI x
Tester D MT x
Thune R SD x x x
Udall D NM x
Vitter R LA x x x x
Webb D VA x x
Whitehouse D RI x
Wicker R MS x
Wyden D OR x x x x

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